Mammography Continuing Experience: Multi-Reading up to 1000 Exams

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“Our mission is to provide you an experience that represents the best possible use of your time as a professional, far superior to a random visit to a clinical practice. You choose the time to suit yourself. Start and stop when you please, your work is saved.”

Interpreting physician requirements under MQSA include reporting experience of at least 960 examinations every 24 months, which may be documented by primary diagnostic interpretation or Multi-Reading and log.


Prepare for your current and potential Mammography 960/24 month reading requirements.

  • Full-Screen DICOM mammography for continuing experience.

  • Full resolution 16-bit DICOM mammography - rendered in seconds.

  • Choose from 50 to 1,000 Mammography Examinations.

  • Zoom, pan, window and level, mark, and measure.

  • Instant feedback. Compare your impressions with expert primary interpretation BI-RADS® reports, pathology, and relevant follow-up.

  • Click to log your participation for your MQSA records.

The "Practice Based Education ®" Multi-Reading Series is composed of screening and diagnostic full resolution DICOM digital mammograms with concise BI-RADS® clinical reports, actual follow-up including available correlative ultrasound exams, prior films, and relevant pathology.
The case mix includes a balance of interesting exams, (BI-RADS ® classifications 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) designed to make efficient use of your time as a skilled professional.
Select the number of exams you need for compliance and start and stop anytime. As you read, your progress is saved to your participation log. Confirming letters and supporting documentation are also provided for your facility FDA & MQSA compliance records.
Your satisfaction with this program is guaranteed or your tuition refunded.

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    Start and stop at any point; your progress is saved in your participation log.


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Multi-Reading FDA and References:

All interpreting physicians shall maintain their qualifications by meeting the following requirement: Following the second anniversary date of the end of the calendar quarter in which the requirements of paragraph (a)(1)(i) of this section were completed, the interpreting physician shall have interpreted or multi-read at least 960 mammographic examinations during the 24 months immediately preceding the date of the facility’s annual MQSA inspection or the last day of the calendar quarter preceding the inspection or any date in-between the two.

The facility will choose one of these dates to determine the 24-month period.

FDA Citation 900.12(a)(1)(ii)(A) Interpreting physicians may re-interpret a previously interpreted mammographic examination and count it towards meeting the MQSA continuing experience requirement, as long as he/she did not do the initial interpretation.

Multi Reading Discussion / Definition - FDA Citation:900.2(hh)

FDA Policy Help and Frequently Asked Questions: FDA Guidance for Industry, MQSA Inspectors and FDA Staff Acceptable Documents For Interpreting Physicians Volume reading Requirements 960 cases every 24 months: Compliance Guidance: The Mammography Quality Standards Act Final Regulations: Preparing For MQSA Inspections; Final The Mammography Quality
Standards Act Final Regulations: Preparing for MQSA Inspections; See FDA Page #23 Acceptable Documents for Interpreting Physicians..... Logs and Letters: The Mammography Quality Standards Act Final Regulations: Modifications and Additions to Policy Guidance Help System #13 See FDA Pages 21-25

MQSA Hotline:  (800) 838-7715

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