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About Us

Efficiency Learning Systems Mission:

  • Improve patient care through physician education to measurably improve competence, performance or patient outcomes
  • Maintain high production quality


A Note About Practiced Based Education:

Over the past several years I have worked with Efficiency Systems, Inc. to create and refine Practice-Based Education, a tool for professional education in medical imaging.

Practice Based Education® revolutionizes the quality of imaging education, providing realistic full-featured practice simulation with instant feedback.

Our principles are to provide high quality, engaging programs that emulate the principles of the flight simulator used in aviation: learn through experience in a realistic, but crash-proof environment. We create a medical practice experience, with:

  • Clinical information.
  • Convenient yet complete case display of all images, with full display tools.
  • Opportunity for the participant to formulate a clinical report
  • An authoritative comparison report for reference
  • Clinical follow up, a concise teaching discussion of the case, clinical context, and appropriate scholarly references and information links.
  • Information on physiologic and diagnostic issues involved with the technology and the case.
  • Full compliance with standards for continuing medical education, and any regulatory provisions.


I think you will agree that Practice Based Education is a serious, robust practice simulator.

Efficiency Systems, Inc. launched Efficiency Learning Systems (ELS) in 2002. Inspired by the technology used in flight simulators that allow pilots to safely experience a wide range of scenarios during training, ELS  developed Practice Based Education programs that present realistic training experiences for physicians and technologists to hone and perfect their skills.


Edward A. Eikman MD
(Program Committee Chairman)